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Out of curiosity, why did Blue and Neeve not ever discuss Kavinksy's death? Blue seemed to know at least who he was in the vague sense, and she probably would have recognized Neeve calling out his name that first night in the chapel. Also, unrelated -- why was Ronan never outright described as gay? I love that he is, I adore every ounce of representation I can find, but I feel like it's not right to skate around the term.


1) I agree with you, but Kavinsky was not on the list for a reason more fully described in Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

2) But Ronan was described as gay. He crushed on a boy and sexily dreamed of boys and fell in love with a boy and — only heternormativity mumbles that surely in addition to all of this description of his love life we maybe would like to say the word gay too, just in case? As Gansey slowly falls in love with Blue, I wouldn’t have him whisper, “by the way, I’m straight.” Two love stories, written the same way: equality.

2b) Is that entirely fair in a heternormative world? No, I know it’s not quite yet. Because some readers still jump through many, many hoops to explain away Adam Parrish being Ronan Lynch’s second secret at the end of The Dream Thieves. But I want these books to be relevant and loved fifteen and twenty years from now, when I assume we’ll live in a more tolerant and queer world. Moreover, in fifteen or twenty years from now, the entire series will be on shelves, not just the book where Ronan and the reader slowly realize that he is attracted to boys. By the end of The Raven Cycle, it will be absolutely impossible for anyone to assume Ronan Lynch is straight because of how the series unfolds.

2c) I’m definitely not saying this is the only way to representation, or the right way — I’m not sure there’s a right way. Only that I don’t think there’s anything remotely coy about the way Ronan’s sexuality is portrayed in the book; it’s 100% in keeping with the language of the rest of the series.

2e) Here is a nice meta a reader did on it.

ETA 2f) I labeled this with ‘spoilers’ though I apologize in advance if anyone is spoiled for Kavinsky’s death — I feel like it’s been over a year since the release, so I can get away with it. Also, for the same reason I have no problem talking about Ronan being gay now — I was quiet about it before as readers were supposed to slowly realize it along with Ronan, but they’ve had a year to slowly realize it now so I figure FAIR GAME.

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i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: why is the trc fandom only interested in ronan’s relationships with adam and kavinsky when noah and gansey are RIGHT THERE (IN MONMOUTH) (WITH RONAN)

also does anyone else pay attention to Blue and Noah’s friendship…like if Gansey’s gone he’s always an option….

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Adam remembered how cruel he thought Gansey would be. The other boys were so alien and daunting; he would never be able to look like one of them. How incredibly naive he’d been to think he would ever possess a room like one of the other Aglionby students did. And Gansey was the worst of them. The other boys attended Aglionby and fit in life around the edge. But Gansey — it was impossible to forget that he had arrived with a life intact, and instead fit Aglionby into it. He was the opposite of Adam in every possible way.

They didn’t speak.